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Kate Dudding: Voices From the Past: February, 2014

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This is the twenty-first issue of Voices From the Past. My goal for each issue is to publish some highlights of one of my historical stories as well as an update on my activities. Please feel free to forward this e-newsletter to anyone you think might be interested.

Passionate Poetry (Part 2)

It seems as if I've always known about Julia Child. Her PBS cooking show The French Chef was on TV when I was going to college in the Boston area -- she was considered a local celebrity. But I never saw her in real life nor learned much about her. Then recently I saw Julie & Julia. After seeing that movie, I wanted to know if her husband Paul really loved her that passionately. I had always found her appearance rather unusual and her voice decidedly strange. In the movie, Paul clearly found Julia very attractive.

So I started reading, first My Life in France by Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme, then Appetite for Life: The Biography of Julia Child by Noel Riley Fitch -- both wonderful books that were delightful to read. Much to my surprise, I discovered that Paul wrote poetry, often about Julia.

Photo of Paul and Julia Child Here's a poem he wrote for Julia's 60th birthday, 26 years after they were married:

Birthday, 1972

The truest wisdom, when your birthday comes,
Is recognition that the years don't count --
So blow the golden trumpet, beat the drums
And drink the wines of happiness. Now, mount
The throne which we reserve for birthday's queen
And, as you sit there dear, reign over time,
Which you do well: your leaves are ever green,
your youthful fountain spurts, inspires this rhyme,
Invigorates your cakes, your lemon ice,
Your Charlotte Russe, your splendid Veau Orloff,
Those culinary wonders without price,
In praise of which all eaters' hats come off.
Salute, O Queen! We never thought to eat
So well before your reign. Bon Appetite!

Click here to read two other of his poems.

Here is some more information about Julia and Paul Child.

News about me

flyer for 2-9-14 Story Sunday I have Julia Child on my mind this week. I'm telling my hour long program on her tomorrow at the Marjorie Doyle Rockwell Center in Cohoes.

And on Sunday, my friend, Betty Cassidy, and I will be sharing stories at the Glen Sanders Mansion: Story Sunday - The Glory of Love. In addition to stories of romantic love, this program includes stories of family love, stories about passion for the arts, and stories about the love of sharing:

UPS Uniform Work Arounds

Reading Rice Plant Our Love is Here to Stay

Lost Love My Mother's Hands Umbrella Girl

Remembering Marilyn Monroe Falling in Love A Remarkable Gift

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, yet another poem by Paul Child

I'm also working on my fourth CD - the working title is "American Women - mid 20th Century." One more story to create, a few to edit, some practice, and finally recording. Hopefully the CD will be available this summer :-)

Thanks for reading this issue. Iíll be sending you some more story highlights in a few months.


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