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Kate Dudding: Voices From the Past: January, 2011

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This is the fourteenth issue of Voices From the Past. My goal for each issue is to publish some highlights of one of my historical stories as well as an update on my activities. Please feel free to forward this e-newsletter to anyone you think might be interested.

Julia's Appetite for Life

After watching the movie Julie and Julia, I decided I wanted to find out more about Julia Child. I discovered that I loved reading about her. The fascinating book My Life in France was written by Julia, with the help of a younger relative, when she was in her 90s. Appetite for Life by Noel Riley Fitch was also thoroughly enjoyable and thoroughly comprehensive, a biography written with Julia’s cooperation, but not subject to Julia’s approval.

Then I found many interesting anecdotes about Julia in the Summer 2005 issue of Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture. It is a farewell and final bon appétit written by those who knew her best.

One of those articles was written by Stephanie Hersch, Julia’s personal assistant for the last 16 years of Julia’s life. In her article “A Full Measure of Humor,” Stephanie wrote:

When I first began working with Julia, I asked her what she thought of the Saturday Night live piece. “It’s very funny, don’t you think?” was her response. I then confessed that I had not actually seen it but had heard that it was quite humorous.

The French Chef by y10566

Well, Julia then stood up and did Dan Akroyd doing Julia Child. She finished by sprawling herself across her desk and exclaiming, “And then I died!” I must say that as wonderful as Dan’s piece was Julia doing him doing her was far more amusing.

I have now created three stories about Julia: one about Julia and how she has now influenced my cooking, one about her marriage, and one about her many friends. It’s hard to capture her appetite for life in just one story.

Here is some more information about Julia Child.

News about me

I have two upcoming performances that I am looking forward to and preparing for – 10 stories altogether.

Thanks for reading this issue. I’ll be sending you some more story highlights in a few months.

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