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Kate Dudding, Storyteller

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Who I Am

I have a master's degree in Computer Science and worked in the computer industry for over 30 years. When working for a Fortune 500 company on web technology, I received a patent on my work.

What I Do

I listen to my clients, trying to determine how to best impress their clients. I repeatedly design part of the web site, then show it to my clients and ask for comments. When the web site is complete, I can teach my clients how to do simple updates by themselves, or I can do the updates for them.

What My Clients Say

I feel very fortunate to have selected Kate Dudding to design a web site for my business. She is wonderful to work with! Kate quickly grasped the concept I was looking for, efficiently produced a very professional looking site, stayed in close contact throughout, and strived to contain my cost.

Kate is meticulous about everything she does. As a web designer, this translates into giving 110% for her clients.

I have had several people look at my web site who are not storytellers but fall more into the computer geek category. They think the web site is fantastic -- "VERY PROFESSIONAL" is the first comment they make. I tell them it is from a professional, storyteller and computer specialist, a rare find!

Thank you so much for the work you did on developing and refining my web site. I am pleased with the final product. If you need any more personal references for future work, you can gladly give them my name and I would identify things for them like creativity, technical skill, accessibility, flexibility and timeliness as strong characteristics that you bring to your work.

Kate is definitely a storyteller's web designer. She understands what you do and for whom you do it. And she makes excellent suggestions as to how to convey what your clients want to know about you.

Rather impressive. This web up grade is great. I could hardly believe how good it looks.

Kate Dudding told me, "I do web sites." That was clear. Each of you will be fortunate if you have the opportunity to work with Kate. I am telling you that you can count on Kate Dudding to follow through in spades.

Thanks so much for your good work and for listening. I really like the colors you chose for my website. I'm glad you are on my team! You are a genius.

What My Clients' Clients Say

I love your web site! It is so great. Your designer did a great job - very warm, very professional and great information.

Your web site is lovely! The colors are soft and warm, the information concise and welcoming, and the website is easy to navigate and loads fast! Believe me, I look at A LOT of websites, and navigation and speed are essential. Bravo!

Your new website is awesome. I really enjoyed clicking on all the icons; and, I think I have a better understanding of everything you're doing and how talented you are.

Wow, love the website -- in my untrained eye, it is very inviting, easy loading and I love the dancing/earth graphic. I'd tip my hat your way if I wore a hat!

Great looking website! Very nice! I like the clean, uncluttered look, yet there's tons of information. It's very easy to navigate - the photos and graphics are nicely done.

I visited your website. Wow! It really shows the breadth of your work. I like that there weren't all the bells and whistles that some web sites go for. I think it's a distraction.

Me at beginning of computer career ca. 1973 with PDP 8/e minicomputer by Digital Equipment Corporation What You Can Do

Contact me (518-383-4620 or kate@katedudding.com) so we can discuss how YOU want your persona portrayed on the Internet.