Young People Who Made a Difference

Winner of a 2013 Storytelling World Resource Award

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Photo of the cover of the CD If many little people,
in many little places,
do many little things,
they can change the face of the Earth.

An African proverb

Kate Dudding is drawn to giving a voice to people from the past, people who have made a difference in their community, or in the world. Kate feels that these are important stories to share because, as the wonderful and wise storyteller Carol Birch says,

"Courage and compassion
are contagious."

In the summer of 2012, Kate finished her third CD "Young People Who Made a Difference."

This CD contains the following stories; included are links to some of the sources Kate used to create these stories.


Inspiring true stories of determination and sacrifice
- Description from 2013 Storytelling World Resource Awards

Kate's wonderfully inspiring, well-crafted stories that illuminate human goodness are gifts for the spirit and food for the soul. Not only do they restore one's faith in the next generation, they remind us that young people (such as these) can serve as role models for people of all ages who long to find creative ways to "make a difference" in our world.
- Gert Johnson
Coordinator: Interfaith Story Circle of the Tri-City Area (Albany, Schenectady, Troy, N.Y.)
Community Liaison: Children at the Well Youth Storytellers for Peace and Understanding

This CD is another example of Kate's skill and "touch" at translating true experiences into inspiring stories.
- Ellouise Schoettler, storyteller

Kate, I am so delighted and inspired by these tales of young people. Even in my white-haired years, they make me want to strengthen my voice to make change, stand up to injustice, and offer my art for a cause in which I believe. You offer listeners just the right details of these historic times and moments of decisiveness. I feel I'm there. My mind is opened and my heart made more courageous. I will share this with young and old, in the hope they too will be so moved.
- Marni Gillard, author of Storyteller, Storyteacher: The Power of Storytelling for Teaching and Living

Kate, I just listened to your CD. What wonderful stories about these courageous young people. I am going to have my grandchildren listen to these stories. There is so much heart-warming life and action to pay attention to. We forget that sometimes when we focus on the negative.
- Sigrid Kellenter, Schenectady, NY

Grateful thanks for their continued support to: Jerry Dudding, Elizabeth Ellis, Gert Johnson, Jeannine Laverty, Betty McCanty, Story Circle of the Capital District (NY), and the staffs at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon and the Saratoga Springs Public Libraries.

Original Stories and Performance by Kate Dudding
Additional Vocals by Jeri Burns, Ph.D., Barry Marshall and Zack Marshall
Night Stick used in “High Hopes” courtesy of Bill Zincio & the Columbia County Sherrif’s Dept.
Producer and Engineer: Barry Marshall
Cover Design: Kate Dudding and Barry Marshall