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I hope you enjoy the stories here. I especially hope that my personal stories will remind you of your own stories, and that you will share those stories with friends and relatives.

    Personal and/or Original Stories

    Kate was inspired to create this story after hearing:

    Kate gives many thanks to all the story midwives who helped her birth this story: Elizabeth Ellis (who coached Kate on the first draft of this story as well as inspired it), Gert Johnson, Laura Packer, Jeannine Laverty and Margaret French and the rest of Story Circle of the Capital District. Especial thanks for Sheila Arnold for her inspiring story about her son and for allowing Kate to include a small part of Sheila's story in Kate's story.

    Click here for links to all the videos which Kate mentions in this story.

    This story is about one of the new activities Kate has started doing because of the pandemic.

    This story is about several epiphanies Kate had recently as she has been experiencing 2020.

    In July 2019, I was a finalist at the Grand Slam (competition) at the National Storytelling Summit in Fremont, CA. Here's the story I shared:

    These next two stories are on Kate's fifth CD Learning About Muslims, a collection of: traditional Muslim stories and poetry; stories about Muslims in the news; and stories about Muslims she met and things she learned at meetings of the Interfaith Story Circle Program (Albany, Schenectady and Troy, NY.)

    The Cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee - a childhood memory

    Feel Her Mother's Love - a semi-autobiographical adaptation of a folktale

    This story involves the Berlin Airlift 1948-1949. Here are the translations of the thank you letters mentioned in the story.

    This story is about two ladies whom I've had the priviledge to dance with.

    Here's the complete version of one of my stories about Julia Child.

    This story, about a young human rights worker in Pakistan, was part of the online 2012 JustStories Festival.

    Kate Dudding tells one of her favorite stories, her personal adaptation of a folk tale.
    (Click here for additional information about this story.)

    Kate shares her shortest story about Julia Child. Filmed on March 29, 2011 as part of the public access TV show "Ann Parillo's Schenectady Today."

    A true story from the end of World War II in Germany. A friend, Cathryn Fairlee heard it from her aunt, who was a friend of Ilsa's.

    Kate tells one of her favorite stories about Irving Berlin, including why he wrote the song "Always." This and the other stories below were filmed as part of the public access TV show "Story By Story: Sharing the Human Experience," hosted by Joe Doolittle and Kate, broadcast since Sept. 2008 in the Capital Region of New York State.

    Kate won the story slam at the 2010 National Storytelling Conference by telling this story. It's about Children at the Well, a youth interfaith storytelling project near Albany, NY.

    Kate tells the surprising story about how the word "sex" got added to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This is a true story based, in part, on the incredibly fascinating Congressional Record.

    Kate shares a true story about Lib Liberty, a US Army nurse for 28 years. Learn more about Lt. Col. Frances M. Liberty here.

    Kate shares a true story from the end of World War II.

    Kate shares a ancient story from Syria.

    Kate tells of a revelation she had many years after her father's death.

Kate Dudding (518) 383-4620
8 Sandalwood Drive kate@katedudding.com
Clifton Park, NY 12065-2700 USA
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